Exhibits at AED HQ, Belgium

Fabriekstraat 38, Lint, Belgium

Event space with sound mixing consoles and lighting desks on the walls around the space

Main Exhibition
Two sides of a long corridor, packed with exhibits.
Left side: AV, Lighting, Outboard Sound Equipment.
Right side: Speakers / PA systems. 

Accessing the exhibits:
Information coming soon

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  Apex Intelli-Q

  BGW GTB Amplifier

  BSS Modular Cross-Over

  Crest Audio MA5850 Amplifier

  D&R Disteq

  DA30 DAT Recorder

  Dalton LP4 Light Processor

  Dalton SL5200

  DP226 Speaker Controller

  Fostex D25 Digital Master Recorder

  Foyer - PA Speakers

  Intellabeam Controller

  Martin Ministar 250

  MMS Test Box

  NE185 Radio Mic Receiver x 2

  Nikko Alpha range

  Omnidrive FDS366

  Omnidrive FDS388

  Pulsar Masterpiece

  Shure UHF Receiver

  Stanford M1776 Mixer

  Tascam MD350 MiniDisk

  Technics SH-DJ1200 Mixer

  Technobeam LCD Controller

  Vetelec Components

  Yamaha P2160 Amplifier

  Yamaha SPX900

  Yamaha SPX990

Control Desks - Manual

  ADB D1T2 Control Desk

  Dalton SZ6

  Foyer - Level 24 Desk

  Foyer - Pulsar Dipless Crossfade Desk


  Clay Paky Astro Spider

  Clay Paky Astrodisco

  Clay Paky Astrodisco 3

  Clay Paky Astroscan

  Kremesa Cosmos

  Lampo LittleStar

  Martin RoboColor II

  Martin RoboColor Pro 400

  Martin RoboZap

  Unknown Disco Effects Light

  Unknown Effects Light

Control Desks - Memory

  Avolites Pearl 2000

  Avolites Rolacue Sapphire

  Berkey Colortran Colortrack

  Berkey Colortran System Two


  Celco 90 Major Control Desk

  Compact 120

  Compact Tape Drive

  Compulite Spark


  Eurolight 150

  Foyer - Avolites Rolacue Pearl

  Foyer - Avolites Rolacue Sapphire

  Foyer - Cantor 48

  Foyer - Case Controller

  Foyer - Jands Event 36/72

  Foyer - Lightmaster XL

  Foyer - Lightmaster XLS

  Foyer - Pulsar Masterpiece 108

  Foyer - Sirius 24

  IDM (Mark 2)

  Jands Echelon

  Light Palette 1

  Light Palette Stalls Control

  Lightboard Palette

  Lightboard Stalls Remote

  Lightwave Research Status Cue

  Memocard (120 way)

  MMS Module - Mimic x 2

  MMS Pin Patch

  MMS Power Supply

  Q-Master 2000

  Rockboard - 60 channel

  Strand / Thorn Control Desk

  Thorn QT120

  Vari*Lite Artisan Plus Console

  Vari*Lite Mini-Artisan 2

  Wholehog 1 #18

  Wholehog 3

  Wholehog II

Moving Lights

  Clay Paky Alpha Beam 1500

  Clay Paky Golden Scan

  Clay Paky Golden Scan 4

  ClayPaky Mini Scan HPE

  High End Systems Cyberlight

  High End Systems Studio Color 575

  High End Systems X Spot Extreme

  Intellabeam 700HX

  Martin MAC1200

  Martin MAC500

  Martin MAC600

  Martin PAL 1200 FX (TBC)

  Martin RoboScan 1004 (TBC)

  Martin RoboScan 1004 (TBC)

  Martin RoboScan Pro 918

  Roboscan Pro 1220

  Telescan Version 1

  Telescan Version 2

  Unknown Moving Light

  Vari*Lite PSU






Control - Direct

  ADB 8 Channel Dimmer Board

Sound Mixers

  Foyer - Analogue Yamaha Console

  Foyer - Dynamix 24-8-2 Console

  Foyer - Peavey 900 Mixer

  Foyer - PM3000C Console

  Foyer - RAMSA S840 Console

  Foyer - Ross RCS1602 Mixer

  Foyer - Soundcraft 6000 Series

  Foyer - Soundcraft Series 200 Mixer

  Foyer - TAC Bullet Mixer

  Foyer - TAC Scorpion

  Foyer - TAC Scorpion 20-6-2

  Foyer - TOA RX212 Mixer

  Foyer - Unknown Sound Desk

  Foyer - Yamaha 2408M Monitor Mixer

Stage Rigging

  Chain Hoist Pulley

  Litachain Li10 Hoist

Sound Playback


  Revox B77

Video Production

  Barco RCVDS05

  Barco TVDM40

  JVC KR-M840E MII Video Player

  Sony V0-5630 U-Matic Video Recorder

  Thomson XTenDD Vision Mixer

  TV Camera - Canon PV14X125

  TV Camera - Canon R44X135

  TV Camera - Philips LDK14S


  Barco Data 801S Projector

  Barco Data 808S (TBC) Projector

  Barco Vision Projector

  Barcodata 8000 Projector

  BarcoGraphics 6300 Projector

  Cinema Projector

  Kinoton Projector

  Panasonic Data Projector

  Unknown Projector

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