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Andi  (1990s)

ANDI DX Touring Dimmer Rack

German Modular Dimmer System
There were 3 versions - the original ANDI dimmer, then ANDI LX, and finally ANDI DX (1994). 

ANDI: +/- 10V control input. Developed and built by Hesch/Neustadt in Rübenberg

ANDI LX: +/- 10V control input. Built by a company in Cremlingen/Schandelah

ANDI DX (1994): Digital dimmer with Strand LD90 central processor, from the above company. 


1996 Strand Catalogue - Theatre & Studio Dimming (1996)
From Strand Archive

Andi DX Dimmer Manual (Deutsch) (February 1997)
German modular dimmer system
[5.2Mb PDF]
From Strand Archive

1998-99 Strand Catalogue - Dimmers (1998)
From Jim Laws Collection

Catalogue & Journal Entries for Andi in the Backstage Heritage Collection

Andi DX Portable Dimmer Racks (1994)

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