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Colour Call Scrollers  (1992)

Strand Colour Call Scroller's reliability has been established in the testing conditions of professional shows around the world and meeting requirements of quiet operation in low noise environments. Colour Call can be used in conjunction with Strand spotlights, operated from a digital control system and requires power supply and splitter box. CC1 units are supplied with backplates to fit Cantata, Leko, Alto, Toccata and most parcans; CC2 units have built-in cylindrical fan and 4 mounting brackets that will accommodate most studio Fresnels (2kW-5kW). A standard 11 frame gel string is available as an option for both sizes of Colour Call.


Colour Call Pin Configuration
Colour Call Pin Configuration 
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From Strand Archive

Pirouette and Colour Call Connection Pinout 
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From Strand Archive

Colour Call Scroller System data sheet (April 1992)
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From Strand Archive

Colour Call Lighting Scroller Operators Manual (April 1992)
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From Strand Archive

1992 Insight Brochure - Page 5 (May 1992)
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Colour Call Service Manual (£5) Charged Item(January 1993)
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From Strand Archive

Colour Call Lighting Scroller Operators Manual (February 1994)
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From Strand Archive

5.2.1 Colour Call Scrollers (October 1995)
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From Strand Archive

1996 Strand Catalogue - Effects & Automated Lighting (1996)
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1998-99 Strand Catalogue - Theatre Luminaires (1998)
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Update on ColourCall Scroller (1994)

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