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Lighting control products marketed in the UK by CCT Lighting.

AVAB Elektronik AB was founded in 1971 in Sweden. 
AVAB America Inc was founded in 1978 to develop a range of digital dimmers for the US market.
AVAB Norge (Norway) in 1980 to enable continued growth in that country. 
Emil Neithammer GmbH, the German lantern manufacturer was acquired by AVAB in 1983. 

The company began by producing portable dimming systems for the theatre market. 
In 1975 they installed the first two AVAB 2000 computer lighting control systems at the Stadsteatern, Boras and at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, both in Sweden. 
In 1985, AVAB installed their new computerised Rigging Control System at the Sodra Teatern in Stockholm, Sweden. This was the beginnng of a completely new product line. In this and other installations AVAB worked very closely with Skandinavisk Lyftservice and S&M Teknik, two mechanical companies in Uppsla Sweden. The following year these companies became AVAB Uppsala, the fully integrated mechanical branch of AVAB Elektronik AB. 

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AVAB Company Profile (September 1988)
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