External Links


British Academy of Dramatic Combat (BADC) [UK]
British Association of Stage and Screen Combat (BASSC) [UK]
Nordic Stage Fight Society [Sweden]
Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD) [USA]


Gravity and Momentum Stage Blood and Fight Choreography [USA]
RC-Annie Stage Combat workshops, stage blood [UK]
Squire Stage Combat Workshops for all ages [UK]
Youngblood Stage combat & fight directors [UK]

Fight Directors

Carter Ferguson [Scotland, UK]
Dan Styles [UK]
David Goodall
EmmaClaire Brightlyn Artistic Director of the International Order of the Sword and Pen [UK & Canada]
Joseph Travers [NY, USA]
Marcello Marascalchi [UK]
Renny Krupinski [UK]


History in the Making Historical costumes, Firearms, Swords and Props for hire [Portsmouth UK]

Live Role Play

LRP Store Live Role Play / Fantasy costumes and props [West Sussex, UK]


Bloody Marvellous Washable Stage Blood [UK]
Bloody Stuff Effects, Breakaway, Blood Effects, Weapons [UK]
Breakaway FX Sugar glass & ceramics - very high quality [UK]
Cutting Edge Combat Hire of weapons, fight arrangment [UK]
Film Blood Stage Blood and FX make-up [UK]
Get Dressed for Battle Live Action Role Play suppliers [UK]
Hands-On Productions Armoury, rigging, SFX [Glasgow, Scotland, UK]
Khaki Devil Military costumes, history
Pigs Might Fly Professional Theatrical Washable Blood [UK]
Squib FX Compressed Air Squib Effects [USA]
Weapons of Choice [USA]


Bapty and Co. Weapons Hire [London, UK]
Barringtons Swords Swords, Guns, Weapons, Martial Arts [UK]
Battle Orders Replica Weapons etc [UK]
By the Sword Replica Weapon hire & sale [Florida, USA]
Denix Replica Weapons [Spain]
Eric Hart - No Retractable Blades
Foxtrot Firearms Firearms / Weapons Hire [London, UK]
Leon Paul Stage weapons & fencing supplies [London, UK]
myArmoury Resource for historic arms and arms collectors
Plug Fire Cap Guns Sales [UK]
Preferred Arms Hire and Sales of weapons and rubber replicas [USA]
Replica Airguns Non-firing replicas [USA / Canada]
Rogue Steel Swords and knives for stage use [IL, USA]
Swords N Stuff [USA]
The Armoury Replica Weapons [UK]
Ultimat Defence Ltd Replica Weapons etc [UK]